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May 2024

The Power of Women in Science

The symposium The Power of Women in Science focused on highlighting the work, challenges, and achievements of women within different fields of science. It was held at the UPR of Río Piedras and was aimed mainly at middle and high school students, although the entire university community was invited to participate in it as well. In the morning section, several Latina scientists from Chemistry, Biology, Meteorology, Mathematics, Astronautics, among others, offered motivational speeches in which they related their experiences and difficulties in becoming the great scientists that they are.One of the highlights was a Chemical Magic show during which an undergraduate student spoke about her career as a student and a woman scientist.In an interactive lunch, students from invited schools had the opportunity to share with the scientists. During this, students were able to exchange experiences with scientists, talk about their interests in science and individually clarify the doubts that each student presented regarding the variety of careers available in Science. Followed by lunch, they received a series of workshops on how to start careers in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) and the research and educational opportunities offered by the sponsoring programs.The goal of this symposium was to empower future women scientists to cultivate their interest in science and to motivate all students to view science not just as a subject of study, but as a much more diverse field of discovery and learning.

-Motivational Speeches by extraordinary Latino scientists
-Interactive lunch
-Workshops and orientations
-University associations tables
+ 500 young females and scientist participated in the event

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