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December 2021

Center for the Advancement of Wearable Technologies

Vision: To advance the fundamental and applied science of biosensors, portable power, and data analytics to enable next-generation wearables while providing an engaged and diverse workforce for the Nation’s wearable technology (WT) sector, and stimulating the economic development in the Commonwealth in concert with the Jurisdiction’s robust medical device industry.

Mission: Create and sustain an internationally competitive center that will conduct R&D and innovation, insert a WT educational component into the K-20 continum, promote human resource development in WT, and promote innovation and commercialization in the Jurisdiction.

// CAWT Task Force

Project Directors

Center for the Advancement of Wearable Technologies

Dr. Arturo J. Hernández-Maldonado

PD - Professor, UPR - Mayaguez, Chemical Engineering

Dr. Brad R. Weiner

Co-PD - Professor
UPR - Rio Piedras, Chemistry Dept.

Dr. Madeline Torres-Lugo

Co-PD - Professor
UPR - Mayaguez, Chemical Engineering Dept.

// CAWT Demographics

Current CAWT Demographics

CAWT Faculty

  • 36 research and education faculty (29 at the beginning of Year 1) 31% femal 93% Hispanic

CAWT Grad Students

  • 15 grad students (first cohort), 11 PhDs, 1 JD, 2 MSc, 1 MB,53% females, 87% Hispanic (33% from Puerto Rico)

CAWT Undergrad Research Students

  • 8 undergrad students (first cohort), 33% females, 100% Hispanic (ALL from Puerto Rico)
// CAWT Jurisdiction

Multidisciplinary Expertise in the Jurisdiction

External Engagement