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April 2024
Research and Education

STEM for all Video Showcase

The CREST-Center for Innovation, Research, and Education in Environmental Nanotechnology (CIRE2N) and the Center for the Advancement of Wearable technology main goal is to contribute to the development of a competitive STEM workforce and strengthen the outputs of the current technologies being developed at the University of Puerto Rico, a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), with participants from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, Mayagüez, and Cayey Campuses. The centers are dedicated to the development of nanomaterials and wearable devices to address environmental and health issues. The centers overarching philosophy base on the fundamental understanding that research and education are vehicles to achieve self-sustainability and develop the future Hispanic STEM workforce. In both initiatives we confronted the unprecedented challenges presented by COVID-19 by adapting activities to virtual modality to continue making significant contributions to communities, teaching and learning, research, and discovery in Environmental Nanotechnology and Wearable Technology. This video presents CIRE2N and CAWT challenges and histories of success during the pandemic developing new online learning resources for teaching and learning and their impact on the community and K-16 students.

¡Llegó el día, vota hoy por nuestro video! Este video fue creado por el equipo de EOD de nuestro Centro, el mismo resalta algunas de las actividades y alianzas que realizamos para continuar con nuestras actividades de educación e investigación durante la pandemia. Este vídeo fue sometido a la competencia STEM for all Video Showcase.

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